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Body body kalender med nøgne damer

body body kalender med nøgne damer

built with extremely high damping forces, the number of races between freshening the shock should be reduced. On the asphalt, you may find a straight twin-tube or mono-tube on the RR and a rebound adjustable shock on the LF and RF to help the car get through the center of the corner and LR rebound adjustable to help the car off the. If they are running in extremely rough conditions, then have them serviced at least once more. On the asphalt, we see both the LF and RF shocks taking a lot of abuse due to the extremely soft springs that are becoming commonplace in this form of racing. What maintenance schedule should a team be on in order to help eliminate failures? Thats why we offer a complete line of racer rebuildable, revalveable shocks. Over time, the shims in the shock fatigue from repeated use. I like to check my shocks over after every night of racing.

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For the most part, it doesnt matter what position its mounted. Pro Probably less than 5 percent of the racers are utilizing the dampeners to their fullest advantage. Integra Much like you change the oil, seals, rings, and bearings in a race engine, a shock needs freshening as well. Afco The left rear shock on many hiked-up dirt cars will get a lot of shaft travel as well as high shaft velocities which can harm the shock over time. Integra There are many causes of shock failure. In the shock world, Ive seen top teams looking for consistent shocks that are non-fading, rebuildable, and revalvable. Can the shocks of today compliment the popular softer spring setups in both dirt and asphalt? Afco In most cases, shock mounting positions are not adjustable. This can induce a side-load/bending moment into the shock causing premature seal wear, and ultimately can fatigue the shock shaft to a point of failure.

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The temperature will break down the seal material causing the seal to fail. Its a good idea to have your shocks dynoed after racing on a really rough racetrack. spring contact with shock, crashes, dirt, heat, binding, and. QA1 On-the-car adjustability is one trend that has really taken off over the past couple of seasons. One of the nicest features of a racer rebuildable shock is that its racer serviceable too. Its always a good idea to check the amount of travel needed for your chassis and make sure your shocks are not limiting your travel. Afco Yes, Dirt Late Model shock technology has evolved tremendously over the last 5 years. For example, even though you might be using all 7-inch or 9-inch stroke shocks, youll need to check the compressed and extended lengths, as they will be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Integra The biggest difference we have noticed is the type of questions that are being asked. If its different for different classes please explain how. Ohlins In dirt, I would say the RF, because the cars are so dependent on that to keep the car turning. A damper with two efficient, easy-to-understand adjusters is better than four that are less efficient. A shock should be sent in for service at least once a year. Top teams cant afford to be inconsistent, and being able to offer a full product line of shocks, which are 100 percent dyno tested, is a way to ensure their success. If you have any shock questions about either what you need in a shock package or how to better utilize your existing package, contact your manufacturers tech consultant and ask questions. Overall, we see the average racer becoming more and more educated as to how his/her chassis works in all areas. body body kalender med nøgne damer

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